Corporate Business Strategy

We work with board-level company leaders to help them deliver the best possible return to shareholders.

Together, we work on a range of issues from optimizing resource allocation to new market entry and acquisitions of other companies, always doing so in a way that is clear, insightful and practical.

No two client challenges are ever the same.


Business Unit Strategy

All our business strategy work is unique and mirrors the precise client issue – we don’t do boiler plate solutions. Our clients deserve more.

Growth in revenue / value is usually the goal, competitive advantage is the critical enabler. Achievement of which is dependent on a distinct and powerful thesis about how to succeed and why others find it difficult to emulate this success. We work closely with clients to find and develop winning strategies and the underpinning business models. This support tends to focus on helping our clients grow their toplines through pricing or innovation, or sell/ market more efficiently or effectively.

ASHTRON works with leaders and challengers in their respective markets helping organizations to drive growth and use innovation as a source of competitive advantage.


International Operations Strategy

At Empirical Strategy we work with our clients across all areas of operational strategy to deliver a comprehensive and continuous program that ensures alignment with strategic objectives from the definition of the new organization to its implementation.

These areas cover:

  • Organization Governance, CO2 footprint reduction strategies
  • Market Research
  • Supply Chain & Procurement
  • Product Development & Technologies
  • Operations & Efficiency
  • Technology Management Strategy

We work with our clients across all areas of operational strategy to deliver a comprehensive and continuous program.


Global Strategic Sourcing & Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Competitive conditions on markets have gone through changes in the last decades, which have led to a need for companies to adapt to new requirements imposed on them either by consumers or competition. Competition is affected by market changes and the requirements for companies to stay competitive in these markets. Conditions effecting the environment are changed buyer preferences, increased globalization, shorter product life cycles and technology changes. Due to changed market situations companies are driven to give first priority to cost and cycle-time reduction, quality improvement and focus on core activities. It could also mean opportunities for companies to take advantage of new needs or minimize threats of competition. To do so they need to recognize these opportunities and develop effective strategies to ensure their success.

We work with clients to identify make & buy areas and implement strategies to arrive at optimize sourcing requirement keeping into account the localization criteria to meet investment incentives and balance the raw material cost by tweaking the supply conditions and time.


Strategy Realization

We help boost corporate performance by supporting management with the tools they need to deliver. Commonly our clients are embarking on a substantial change programme (or a merger) and require a partner to help them along the journey. We work with clients to diagnose and quantify scope for improvement, identify key levers to reduce costs or improve productivity, and draw up action plans that are ambitious yet practical. These tend to be intense projects, involving close teamwork. We work side by side with clients to help them achieve defined improvements through rapid and effective execution of agreed plans, tracking progress closely against specific benchmarks. As always, we view the creation of a tight, integrated team as crucial to smooth execution and lasting results related to Strategy Realization, PMO, PMI, Transformation & Turnaround etc.



We believe the best strategies are data-driven but the true value of analytics is often overlooked. Empirical Strategy helps clients to unlock the power of analytics, AI and big data and turn these into clear and actionable insights critical to their business strategy.

Our analytics team works to support case teams address the most complex strategy questions, pricing open big data and applying innovative AI and Machine Learning approaches. We have particular expertise in topics such as Loyalty, Pricing, Location, and Marketing Effectiveness. We also support organizations realize the promise of analytics via:

  • Developing the overall analytics and AI strategy
  • Process design, organizational design and operating model reviews & Technical Integration
  • Developing practical roadmaps for successful analytics implementations


School Management

We believe that schools are the place where imparting education and developing personality of kids is the main activities. However, in real scenario lot of other activities are also performed by the teachers that takes away their productive time and energy. This is where a school management system comes in. A school management system not only gives information about students. It can provide real-time information about teachers’ activities also.

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