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A solar system is a setup that generates electricity by utilizing the solar energy system. A typical solar system consists of solar panels (which absorb sunlight), inverter (which converts DC into AC), mounting structure (that hold the panels in place) and grid box and balance of systems (wires, nuts etc.). A solar system comes in various sizes like 1 kW, 3kW, 5kW, 10kW etc.

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On-Grid Solution

A solar system which works with the grid is called on-grid or grid-tied solar system, there are three components in this system, such as –
Panels, Inverters, Installation Kit.
The main purpose of installing an on-grid solar system is to save electricity bill.

  • Advantage – generate power for your home and sell access electricity to state government. 5 years payback time and free electricity for next 20 years
  • Drawbacks – Does not come with backup, the system does not work when there is a power cut.

The on-grid system works in sync with the grid, unlike inverters, there is no limitation in the grid-tied system, you can run everything of your home on the grid-tied solar system. For an example, a 1 kW on grid system can run 5 kW power.

A grid –tied solar system consists of the following components:
a) Solar Photovoltaic modules / Panels
b) DC-AC grid-tied solar inverter
c) Installation kit including of Mounting structures, ACDB, DCDB, A.C, D.C wire, Connectors, lighting arrestor, earthling cables.
Please note, the purpose of installing on grid solar system is to reduce electricity bill. Below is the table to understand how to choose on grid solar system capacity based upon power consumption and monthly electricity meter reading.

Average daily power
consumption (units)
Estimated monthly bill
@ Rs. 10 per unit
Recommended on grid solar
PV system (kw)
0-5 units
₹ 0 – ₹ 1,500
1 kw
5-10 unit
₹ 1,500 – ₹ 3,000
2 kw
10-15 units
₹ 3,000 – ₹ 4,500
3 kw
15-25 units
₹ 4,500 – ₹ 7,500
5 kw
25-50 units
₹ 7,500 -₹ 15,000
10 kw
50- 125 units
₹ 15,000 – ₹ 35,000
25 kw

Note: This is only an estimation.

The advantage of on-grid solar system is awesome, if you are not using electricity at your home, the power generated from solar system will be fed back to the grid. The state government will give you money for sending electricity to gird.

The number of brands offering solar energy products is rapidly increasing. And each solar expert you speak with will have certain products they recommend, and they usually have very convincing reasons for recommending those products. This can make it a challenge for consumers to know whose opinion to trust, and which products are truly the best.

An on-grid solar system is a grid connected solar PV System which works along with the grid. In the Grid-Tied solar system for home, ASHTRON™ has tied up with the various brands for a complete solution package, which is a complete solar rooftop home customized solution. Available in 3 kW, 5 kW, and 10 kW capacities, these kits come with a 25-year module performance warranty. It is suitable for installation in residences, schools, hospitals, SME establishments etc.

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Off-Grid Solution

An off-grid solar system is more popular and comes with a power backup. It works independent of the grid. Most home appliances such as Fans, TV, Cooler, AC, Water Pump etc. can work through this system. For instance, a 1 kW off grid solar system is sufficient for a 2-4 BHK house. But if you also want to run 1HP Water Pump in your home you could use a 3 kW off grid solar system. If you are planning to run an AC then you should use a 5-kW system. For commercial setups like a shop, clinic or small mill, petrol pumps a 10 kW off-grid solar system should be used.

It is most common type of solar power system with backup. It works in day and night both, during the day, solar panel charges the battery and runs the home appliances such as Air Conditioners, Cooler, Television and submersible pump. At night, when the sun is not available, Inverter runs your home appliances using the battery power.

  • Advantage: No dependency on government electricity power
  • Drawback: Expensive than on-grid solar power system

We have the experience of installing 1 kW, 5kW and 10 kW solar systems. Most of the installations have been done at residences, factories, transportation, hospitals, schools, offices, petrol pump, etc.

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In off-grid solar powered system, how much power can be utilized depends upon power of Inverter and it is efficiency, generally all inverter comes with 80% efficiency, so, for a 3 kw Inverter system, up to 2,400 watts of peak power can be used at given point of time. Running air-conditioner and submersible can be expensive.

There are two types of solar inverters, PWM Based – relatively low efficiency and MPPT Based – high efficiency

  • PWM Based – it stands for pulse with modulation, these inverters are low on efficiency but prices are very low. For smaller needs, PWM based inverters are recommended for smaller use such as running 3-4 fans, 8-10 lights, 1-2 Television, 1 Refrigerator in day and night.
  • MPPT Based – it stands for Maximum power point tracking. If your purpose of investment in solar is to save electricity bill, then it is strongly recommended to opt for MPPT based inverters.

In India, up to 10 kW solar system is designed to work with batteries, here is the price list of solar energy powered solar system from 1 kW to 10 kW.

A 1 kW off-grid solar system will cost you around 1 lac plus. It can easily power a 3-4 BHK home and run smoothly for 8-10 hours. A 3 kW off-grid solar system will cost around 3 lacs plus. It is used to power larger homes, shops and offices and can run smoothly for 8-10 hours. It is a powerful solar system and can easily support the running of fans, lights, television, refrigerator etc., but not a 2-ton AC. Available at INR 4 lacs plus, 5 kW solar system is used for running even larger homes, offices and commercial shops. A 10 kW off grid solar system can be easily used in offices, commercial shops and factories and comes with a price tag of 10 lac plus. This system is capable of generating 50 units every day.

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Products & Packages

Offering you a complete choice of products which include solar power plant – residential / commercial / industrial use, solar rooftops, mini solar light kit, solar water pumping system, solar dc refrigerator / freezer and solar led lantern.

  1. Solar Power Plants: Commercial, Industrial, Residential applications. 10 Kw, 2 Kw, 1 Kw, Customization available. Both off-grid and grid-tied types.
  2. Solar Panels: Commercial, Industrial, Residential applications. 10-100 kW
  3. Solar Back-up: SystemsThis comes as a package along with Solar Panel, Mounting Kits, Inverter, Battery. Upto 10 hours of back-up depending on usage and requirement.
  4. Solar Refrigerator: All our refrigerators are DC powered and operate independent off the grid. Requiring as little as 45W of power, the entire line of DC powered products operate using a single solar panel and battery. Rated Voltage: 12/24v Rated Current: 5A Rated Power 80W Total Storage Capacity: 98L. Solar freezers are 110-160-liter capacity.
  5. Solar Chargers: 50 Watt off-grid solar system for mobile charging, lightning
  6. Solar Pumps: 1-20 Hp, Submersible type
  7. Solar Lighting: Available with pole for street lighting. 12-30 Watts, Pole height 10-15 feet, IP 66 rating.
  8. Solar Water Heater: This comes with stainless steel tank having capacity of 100-200 liters. Heating temperature upto 60⁰ C. Evacuated tube collector.

For getting quotations, please contact us with details of applications. We can visit you or design based on our experience and offer a complete package with annual maintenance (if required) and extended warranty as applicable.

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